Zagonis & Co, founded in 1980 and is a continuation of Mr. Zagonis which appeared in the Greek market in 1965 with the trade of professional mechanical equipment for dry cleaning and laundry business.

The Zagonis & Co. represents the largest construction firms of laundry equipment in Europe and America, while introducing the best products worldwide in the commercial laundry applications, professional irons, iron presses, form finishers, steam boilers, finisher and feeder machine clothing, dry cleaning equipment, etc.

Our company combines the experience and expertise with the most innovative move in the field of professional laundry equipment offering comprehensive investment proposals.

Having always aimed at complete customer service, our company undertakes the study of the area of ​​your business, and  propose alternatives for the appropriate siting of your laundry equipment, fully covering the needs of your business area.

The technical support department of the company, staffed by experienced technicians, offers a complete range of spare parts providing turnkey integrated and direct service, while the troubleshooting section is at your disposal to provide the solution to any problem arise.

Particular emphasis is given to businessmen entering for the first time in space, giving the necessary advice and studies on the installation of machinery and of course, providing the technical support required.

In our established exhibition at Metamorfosi will find solutions to your requirements and needs.